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Samir Matta, the owner of SAMIR MATTA EST., has been in the business of electrical and civil works contracting for over four decades. His establishment has grown significantly since it started. Additional companies were created. TRICOM SARL, the majority (%69) of shares owned by his son , and LINA MATTA EST. owned by his daughter. The two companies are both involved with projects all over Lebanon. 

Note that SAMIR MATTA SARL and LINA MATTA SARL were both recently established and they are in the process to replace the establishments that were originally created by Samir and Lina Matta. The group of establishments and companies are family owned and has been proven to be very successful over the years.

We continue to grow in Lebanon relying on our commitment in providing the best quality of works for our clients while maintaining low costs and minimal expenses.

After years of experience working as an experienced technical advisor for Electricite Du Liban, Samir Matta established his own establishment in 15/1/1996. The establishment has grown significantly since it started and is known to be a major contractor for building electrical distribution networks in Lebanon for various clients such as Electricite Du Liban and Ministry of Power and Water resources. The approximate turnover has reached over 10 Million dollars per year.
In addition, the company SAMIR MATTA SARL was created in 2007 with the strategy to buy out the establishment of SAMIR MATTA EST in order to ensure continuity in the organization.

The establishment was created in 1999, in order to support SAMIR MATTA EST. and increase the ability to win project tenders. The establishment has been successful and implemented projects over the last 10 years worth around 10 million dollars.
Also, LINA MATTA SARL was established in 2007 in order to replace LINA MATTA EST. and to provide continuity to the business.

Tricom was established in 2002, in order to increase the group portfolio and to support the two already existing establishments in increasing the chances of winning new project tenders. The company had grown fast and significantly to reach a turnover of around 12 million dollars last year alone.

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