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Matta Holding Group (MHG)
is a leading engineering and contracting Group and came about the amalgamation of five companies. MHG is dedicated to achieving technical and management excellence and to delivering professional engineering services that meet and exceed our clients’ needs. MHG view clients as partners where mutual respect, trust and integrity lead to long-term relationships over multiple projects.
Over the years, MHG had undertaken many challenging projects and accumulated skills, know-how and experiences in design and build solutions, project management services, related engineering works and general trade. MHG has grown significantly since it started and is known to be a major contractor for building electrical distribution networks in Lebanon for various clients such as Electricite Du Liban and Ministry of Power and Water resources.
It is our fundamental belief that a compliant quality management system is not only to increase our clients satisfaction, but to enhance the Company’s long term productivity.
The implementation of this quality policy is the responsibility of all staff, with the overall liability within the Board of Directors.
Our clients benefit from:
Considerable range of combined technical knowledge and experience
• Timely response to any issues
• Cost efficient services
• High quality finishing works 

Our Merits:
The methodology of work follows a complete adherence to ethical and legal regulatory requirements of the ISO 9001:2015
• Unique and creative solutions that meet the clients’ expectations
• Principles of public relations
• Professional quality of services provided by a highly motivated team
• Team work based on the implementation of progressive communications disciplines
• Forge partnerships with our suppliers and major players in the private and public sectors to ensure optimum business performance;
• Comply with all applicable legal and other requirements
• Provide proficient and cost effective services;
• Foster and drive a culture of continual improvement;
• Ensure training is delivered to guarantee that skill levels are continuously developed
Ensure that our quality management system provides a framework for management and assist in establishing and reviewing our set strategic objectives;
• Continuously monitor and review our quality policy to ensure that it remains relevant and effective to the changing needs of our stakeholders; 


MHG, offers a full range of high-value, “start-to-finish” preconstruction, construction, construction management and building electrical distribution networks services. We provide engineering, design, construction, commissioning. We have the necessary capabilities, professional talent, universal reach and capital to offer our clients fully-integrated project delivery services that set new standards in quality, value, timeliness and cost efficiency.
We consistently rank among the top contractors and construction management service providers in project excellence and construction safety. On every project, we use cost-effective, sustainable construction methods and innovative thinking to meet our clients’ needs.

MHG services can be divided into 5 main categories:

Engineering Consulting and Project Management for Public & Private Sector:
The Engineering Section offers design, design & build, management and supervision of Civil and Structural Engineering works.

Roads, Infrastructure and Civil Works
For Civil works and infrastructure we focus on complex structures on land and water. Before the actual construction of roads, there is an intensive process of urban development and engineering. In this process our professionals focus on the design, planning and construction.

Electrical Project
We provide design solutions for lighting and other electrical installations for new roads and for modernization of existing facilities. 

We provide construction and technical support for telecommunication infrastructure.
We base our services on modern technologies and leading manufacturer’s systems.
Our limits go beyond service providing to continuous support for our clients from the start and throughout the whole activity time.

We design, integrate, supply and install solar energy systems for grid-connected applications, rural sites, telecommunication network, security applications, pumping and many more.

• Man Power Services
We offer a wide range of support services in terms of providing Technical & Non-Technical Manpower Services in the area of Construction, General Contracting, Industrial Contracting, Human Resource Services for various government institutions. 

MHG essentially assists clients from the very outset to the completion of their project. We become partners with our clients in understanding the five basic functions of:
Defining and Establishing the scope of Projects.
• Project Planning including preparation and scheduling of the projects, phasing plans, budgeting/cost-modeling, subcontractor qualification etc.
• On-site execution of the project includes Scheduling, Quality Control, Safety Management, Subcontractor Management, Status Reporting and Change Management.
• Monitoring and Controlling the projects
• Closing of the project related to the Activities



After years of experience working as an experienced technical advisor for Electricite Du Liban, Samir Matta established his own establishment in 15/1/1996. The establishment has grown significantly since it started and is known to be a major contractor for building electrical distribution networks in Lebanon for various clients such as Electricite Du Liban and Ministry of Power and Water resources. The approximate turnover has reached over 10 Million dollars per year.
In addition, the company SAMIR MATTA SARL was created in 2007 with the strategy to buy out the establishment of SAMIR MATTA EST in order to ensure continuity in the organization.



The establishment was created in 1999, in order to support SAMIR MATTA EST. and increase the ability to win project tenders. The establishment has been successful and implemented projects over the last 10 years worth around 10 million dollars.
Also, LINA MATTA SARL was established in 2007 in order to replace LINA MATTA EST. and to provide continuity to the business.



Tricom was established in 2002, in order to increase the group portfolio and to support the two already existing establishments in increasing the chances of winning new project tenders. The company had grown fast and significantly to reach a turnover of around 12 million dollars last year alone.